Terms and Conditions


Easter Camp runs activities which carry a risk of injury if carried out without due care or in disregard of instructions. Whilst all practicable steps will be taken to ensure your safety, Easter Camp accepts no liability for any loss, injury or damage to your property or person, whether arising through our negligence or otherwise.

You agree to


I'm happy that personal information gathered for camp may be securely stored and used by Easter Camp to promote other events from time to time and am happy with this, provided an opt-out option is available. I understand that images/video taken at Easter Camp may be used by Easter Camp in a reasonable way from time to time.

Acts of God

If Easter Camp is cancelled due to an Act of God (in the insurance sense that is), after the deduction of any unavoidable costs, refunds will be available upon application to Easter Camp.


I understand that if I withdraw from Easter Camp and notify Easter Camp before 5pm, 27 March 2023, I am eligible for a refund of all but the 40% non-refundable portion of my fees. Withdrawals after this must be accompanied by a medical certificate and refunds are given at the sole discretion of Easter Camp.

No refund is payable if cancellation or abandonment becomes necessary after camp has commenced, from 3pm on the Thursday before Good Friday, or at any time during camp.

Payment and Registration